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If you’re overwhelmed and trying to address multiple issues without making progress, the S.L.A. 20-question assessment is your path to clarity.Don’t let leadership challenges hold you back—take the assessment and seize this opportunity to break free from the cycle:

  • Diagnose commonly overlooked organizational issues
  • Understand What Good Looks Like (W.G.L.L) and how to get there
  • Get a detailed explanation of the $100MM Sales Leadership Methodology
  • Turn your insights into victory and apply what you learn right away
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Kevin (K.D.) Dorsey

The Father of Modern
Sales Leadership

Sales Leaders & Managers Love The Clarity They Received By Taking The S.L.A. Assessment

Matt Austin

People-First Sales Leader

Loved the detail and how quickly I was able to self diagnose my weaknesses/gaps currently.
I am in the process of remodeling an org I inherited so I have some areas that I am super focused on and others that I have not yet had
a chance to get to yet so the reminders are super helpful.

Kyle Coleman

CMO @Clari

I thought the questions and answer sets were all really solid. Nice range of topics - some of which are always top of mind and some of which are often back burnered.

Emmy Johnson

Sales Leader | Passionate Speaker

It was a great exercise, and I kept thinking that if I took this at each of my different companies my answers would be different. I think this exercise will be valuable for any one in a leadership position.

Amyra de Carion

Sales And Operations Leader

Where am I on the continuum, and how do I fix these things/get better? Would love to see how my sales leadership team fills out and then compare answers, explain why we think the
way we do, and then prioritize what we need
to work on.

Joey Phoenix

Data-Obsessed Sales Leader

I learned that everything needs work. Leadership is like a muscle that you need to keep training. There are many facets of an organization that need consistent iterations.
You also need to take care of yourself. Building
a sustainable culture from day one setting and expectations of “how to work here, WWGL,
rep owned 1:1s” have really helped me in my previous role.

Anthony Zhang

VP Sales @ LASSO

This was an eye opening assessment on the gaps that we have - specifically around documenting what good looks like, and practice/reinforcement of trainings. Really glad I took this assessment.

Unlock Deeper Clarity & Understanding.

We designed this assessment to ensure you walk away with the knowledge you need to be a powerful leader for your team by incorporating three steps to deeper learning:


Specify Knowledge

You already have 90% of the knowledge you need to succeed. This assessment will help you unlock that knowledge.

Check For Understanding

At the end of the assessment, you will reflect and summarize what you have discovered to lock in the knowledge you’ve unleashed.

Apply Knowledge

By completing the assessment, you will clearly understand your gaps and be empowered to start making changes.

Discover The Power Of Successful Leadership With K.D.

Kevin (K.D.) Dorsey

The Father of Modern
Sales Leadership

Welcome to team leadership transformation. As a seasoned sales leadership and team development authority with an evolved leadership perspective, KD has studied the intricate drivers of behavior, motivation, and long-term success.

KD has crafted and led teams from ground zero to 150+ representatives and revenues from a promising start to a staggering 100M+ ARR. KD’s blueprint for success lies in a fusion of meticulously devised processes, systems, and skill development.

With a penchant for devouring literature on sales, psychology, and influence, KD continuously enriches his understanding. Add that to his hands-on experience, and you get a perfectly crafted assessment to distill your team’s intricate dynamics, pinpoint growth opportunities, and engineer a path to optimized performance. KD’s fusion of knowledge and real-world experience ensures that every question in the assessment holds the potential to uncover insights that pave the shortest path to your team’s success.

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